Posts from October 2017

Posts from October 2017

Martin Luther: Lunatic for the Lord

There’s a poster in our Youth Wing that says, “Do you seriously think God can’t use you?” Then it lists a whole lot of people from the Bible who no one would ever think could be used for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. Noah was a drunk. Abraham was too old. Jacob was a liar. Samson was a womanizer. Rahab was a prostitute (who ended up in the generational line of Jesus). Elijah was suicidal. Lazarus was dead. God also… SCARIEST. Website. Ever.

A SEVERED DOLL’S HEAD EERILY GREETS YOU on the first page. The black backdrop of the Home Page is striking in its simplicity. Only two words, in bright bloody red, punch your consciousness like a bony poke in the eye: “to die”!!! A bead of sweat forms upon your brow as you read the horrifying challenge, apparently, mystically, horrifically uttered somehow, by that…that…decapitated noggin. You stifle a scream as you read the sentence that will unquestionably cause you to click the next…

Dunkirk and the Missed Miracle

I recently saw the excellent film “Dunkirk” yet was saddened when I learned the filmmakers got everything right except for the true hero of the story. It wasn’t necessarily the selfless citizens who risked lives in their personal boats to bring back the hundreds of thousands of troops stranded on the beach as the Germans advanced; it wasn’t even the brilliance of the commanders who strategized the rescue; it was something, someone, bigger than all that. According to “Anglican Ink” author,…