People gave five reasons gave for not going to church according to a recent survey I read. For the most part, I have heard these given at one time or another. When I was a drug addict, con artist and general ne’er-do-well, these were my reasons, too, plus many more. Now, as the new pastor of Community Church of the Hills here in Johnson City, I wanted to address each reason and perhaps convince you to give “goin’ to church” one more chance. If you don’t know of a good church near you, I may have a suggestion. What do ya say?

Reason #1: The Church is Irrelevant: As a non-denominational, non-Pentecostal Christian fellowship we are committed to expository preaching that is, teaching the Bible, verse-by-verse, in a way that is practical, relatable and understandable to today’s culture. God’s Word speaks to every circumstance of life and we’ll prove it to you!

Reason #2: The Leaders are Hypocritical: I’m the pastor and admit that I am indeed a hypocrite, because I’m not perfect. And neither are you. Let’s meet up! Call me at 830.868.7667 or email me:

Reason #3: God is Missing in the Church: If you’d like to experience God in a growing church that has Christ-exalting contemporary worship music mixed with traditional hymns, Communion every week, and a thirty minute message, then we invite you to come as you are, dressed as you are, to our ninety minute service. You will see that God’s not missing! (And, He’s very different than what you’ve seen on the Internet or TV.

Reason #4: Legitimate Doubt is Forbidden: Please come with all your questions, reservations, doubts, misgivings and unbelief. (You can even be downright antagonistic if you want.) Hey! I had the same suspicions you had at one time. I may not be able to answer all your questions, but I’ll sure as heck try. Besides, it’s fun to play “Stump the Pastor.”

Reason #5: There’s No Genuine Community: We’re an imperfect, loving community striving to follow Jesus daily. Our goals are to love God, love people and serve the world. There’s no safer place to bring your problems and burdens so we can listen and pray for you, even offer practical help, like we also do within the community. Children are, of course, always welcome in our Children’s Church.

So what do think? Did I answer your objections? Good. We’ll see you this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Just go down Hwy 290 from the center of Johnson City, toward Fredericksburg 2 ½ miles, and make a right on Towhead Valley Road. There we are: 212 Klett Ranch Rd. Johnson City.


Based on “5 Reasons People Have Stopped Attending Your Church” (Especially Milennials)
Image credit: EdgeChurch

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Pastor Steve Sanchez