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When Pastor Steve moved to Dripping Springs to plant his first church, he had a radio program to promote this new church. Now that he pastors at Community Church of the Hills in Johnson City, he wants people to hear the original program that includes short, foundational teachings with music. Just ignore the promos for that Dripping Springs church as it is no longer there.

Pastor Steve’s Testimony: A Wretch Like Me

My story is a crazy one. I was a meth addict who sold stereos out of the back of my car in the desert. I was robbed at shotgun point by dealers. I had my face smashed against a steering wheel…and I ultimately challenged the devil to show himself in a field at midnight. I guarantee you that you will not be bored when you listen. Steve’s Testimony Part 1 Steve’s Testimony Part 2 Steve’s Testimony Part 3

Why Even Bother Going to Church?

This three part series tells what church really is, the reasons why most people don’t go and why the church should be the most loving family of all. Each part of this three part series is half an hour long and is half music, featuring a great band called “The Strangers.” Part 1: The Church is the People Part 2: The Best Excuse (For Not Attending) Part 3: A Most Loving Family? Image credit: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Normal Christian Life

Many people think that once they become a Christian all their problems will be over. Others think that if they have enough faith they will be healthy, wealthy and wise. But what does Scripture say? This two-part series will help you to understand what Jesus meant when he said, “Follow me.” If you call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ, if you are a “born again” Christian, this is a foundational teaching that will help you to know what to…

8 Reasons Why Christians Don’t Share Their Faith

In this 4-part series, you will learn that every reason for not sharing your faith is valid. What did I just say? Yep. Valid. Still, Christians are called to do it. You will learn how to share your faith by asking one question and one question only. And, how to have a simple 5-minute conversation that will unlock the heart of the most hardened sinner. Each part of the series features Gospel-centered Cajun/Zydeco music from Grammy-nominated Lisa Haley and the Zydecats. Part 1:…

Everything You Need to Know About Heaven and Hell

There are many misconceptions about the afterlife. Is Hell fair? Isn’t it really just eternal separation from God? Is it only a symbol? Will all my friends be there partying? Is Heaven for real? Will we just be sitting around playing our harps? Will Heaven be booooring? In this series based on the Bible, you will get a brief overview of what to expect when you die. Click here to find out what HELL is like. Click here to find…

Heart Attack!!!

This show deals with a subject so touchy, so controversial, so sensitive, that many Christians get mad when a sermon is given on it…yet it has to be said. It’s not about evangelism, it’s not about Hell, and it’s not about the topic of abortion. I cannot tell you what it is because you may never tune in. BUT! But, I can promise that you will enjoy a rich, healthy, active Christian life if you apply what you hear in…

Mismatched Married Missionaries

Would you ever want to be a missionary? What challenges do you think you would face? What about getting married and raising eight kids in the mission field? What marriage could possibly stand that kind of pressure? Ronnie and Sherrie Jones’ marriage has withstood over twenty years in a foreign country. In this show, they explain how God has been faithful every step of the way. LISTEN TO THIS GREAT INTERVIEW!

Take That Scary First Step of Faith

When was the last time you took a chance, a risk, a dare, a challenge—for Jesus’ sake—then watched Him produce something incredible in you? The bible says that we walk by faith, not by sight…but admittedly, that kind of living is pretty scary. Still, God says to “Just do it!” Are you in need of a little motivation to be encouraged to go where God has called you to go—by faith alone? This two part series will show you that…

12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry

Who wants to make a mistake when marrying? No one. Sadly, in America, 50% of all marriages, Christian and non-Christian, end up in divorce. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen to you! You can start preventing a bad marriage by asking the right questions that will lead to a great marriage. Well, here they are. I was a Singles Pastor for twenty years, so I know a little of what I’m saying in this series. More importantly, God…
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