“DPS TROOPERS DIRECT REV. STEVE SANCHEZ OF JOHNSON CITY to step away from abortion rights demonstrators during the Texas Rally for Life at the Capitol on Saturday January 27, 2018.” That was the caption of this photo taken by Jay Janner of the Austin American-Statesmen. You may be wondering what I did. Just exercising my

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All Church Community Son-Rise Service @ Whittington’s Hill

An All-Church Community Easter Son-Rise Service will be held at 7:00A.M. at Whittington’s Hill. Everyone is invited to hear the message of the Resurrection given by Pastor Steve Sanchez and to sing special traditional songs commemorating this spectacular day played by Beverly Voron, both from Community Church of the Hills. Please bring a chair, a

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A War Room Success

Would you believe that 25 people from Community Church Of The Hills came to our movie night to watch War Room? Believe it. (And yes, I cried. A lot.)

Eleven Attended Our 2nd Study! (Click to read)

It’s always a little awkward to start a new Bible Study, especially since my family is new to Texas. But this is how to plant a church. And the people who attended last night were wonderful. We discussed the Apostle Paul’s short testimony in 1 Timothy 1:12-17close1 Timothy 1:12-17 Christ Jesus Came to Save Sinners 12 I thank him who

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Our First Bible Study Started November 7!

We started our first Bible Study last Thursday night, November 7, with a total of 8 people attending. Our first study was from Psalm 1closePsalm 1 Book One The Way of the Righteous and the Wicked 1:1 Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners,

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