How To Do a One Day Fast (and have a quiet time w/God)

How To Do a One Day Fast (and have a quiet time w/God)

ALL-CHURCH FAST: Thursday morning 12:01 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Fasting Tips: Remember, you are only missing 2 meals: Breakfast and Lunch.

  • On Wednesday, try to eat your last meal no later than 8 p.m. (So you aren’t too full.)
  • Drink only water if you plan on doing a total fast.
  • If you can’t do a total fast, give up something to the Lord, like the computer, sweets, “I Love Lucy,” etc.
  • Use the time that you would normally use to eat to pray instead.
  • Use the prayer requests in the bulletin and whatever else God puts on your heart.
  • Commit your fast to God.
  • Rest if possible. Take it easy. Devote your time to the Lord.
  • If you are used to caffeinated drinks, you will probably get a headache if you do not drink caffeine that day.
  • Remember, there is no condemnation. This is a spiritual discipline that needs to be developed like anything else you are trying for the first time.
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  • Read: “How to have a Quiet Time” below, if you don’t have one yet.

How to Have a Quiet Time: 7 Minutes with God

  • Are you willing to take 7 minutes every morning?
  • Not 5 mornings out of 7, not 6 days out of 7, but 7 days out of 7?

Pray this the night before: “Lord, I want to meet You the first thing in the morning for at least seven minutes.  Tomorrow when the alarm clock goes off at 6:15 a.m., I have an appointment with You.”

How to spend your 7 minutes: After getting out of bed and taking care of your personal needs, find a quiet place with your Bible  to enjoy God for 7 minutes.

The first 30 seconds: Prepare your heart. Thank Him for the good night of sleep and the opportunities of the day.

The next 4 minutes: Read your Bible. Your greatest need is to hear some word from God. Start with Mark. Read for the pure joy of reading and allowing God to speak—perhaps just 20 verses…

The next 2 ½ minutes: He spoke to you; you now speak to him.


  • A. ADORATION: Tell the Lord that you love Him.  Reflect on His greatness, His power, His majesty, and sovereignty.
  • C.: CONFESSION: Having seen Him you now want to be sure every sin is cleansed and forsaken.
  • T. THANKSGIVING: Give thanks for everything! 
  • S. SUPPLICATION: Ask God for anything!

Do not become devoted to the habit, but to the Savior.