Sermons by Pastor Steve Sanchez (Page 2)

Sermons by Pastor Steve Sanchez (Page 2)

What is an Abortion Abolitionist?

What is the difference between an Abolitionist and a pro-lifer? How can the pro-life cause actually get in the way of abolishing abortion altogether? This is a special Sanctity of Human Life Sunday message.

Just 4 Claps Away

Over 6,200 people die every hour, 104 every minute, 2 every second; the vast majority of these people will end up in Hell for all eternity. What will you do? When you listen to “Deep in the Heart of Texas” in this message and clap four times, it will take away your smile.

I Will Not Neglect Your Word (Psalm 119:1-16)

In the State of Bible 2020 report they found that A majority of people think that our country would be worse off if people didn’t read the Bible A majority said that it contains everything we need to live a meaningful life We would know God’s will It will bring us closer to Him. That sounds like a cure-all, a miracle drug that will solve every problem, right? You’d think that a huge majority reads it regularly then? Wrong. When…

The Last Conversion (2 Corinthians 9: 6-8)

Martin Luther said that there are three conversions a person needs to experience when becoming a Christian: “The conversion of the head, the conversion of the heart, and the conversion of the pocketbook.” Have you experienced the last conversion yet?