Sermons by Pastor Steve Sanchez (Page 26)

Sermons by Pastor Steve Sanchez (Page 26)

Do You Understand Jesus Rose Again?

Easter is a holiday—a Holy Day—but much of the meaning behind it has been lost. Yet for the Christian, this day signifies the most amazing miracle that has ever happened in history: Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Maybe that’s not so significant a fact for you. Maybe you’re not sure why it’s so important. Or, perhaps, you’re confused about the full meaning of this event. Well,  you’re in good company. Even those who followed Jesus, his very closest companions,…

Hosanna – Palm Sunday

John 12:12-15. Do you know why Palm Sunday has been celebrated for thousands of years? Have you ever wondered why people wave palm branches on this day? And what’s up with everyone shouting “Hosanna!”? What does that even mean? Get these questions answered and learn why you ought to consider the significance of Palm Sunday in your own life.

The Leper and the Lord

Mark 1:40-45. Jesus heals a man of leprosy which is a foreshadowing of his healing the greatest disease of all: sin. Warning: This teaching contains graphic descriptions of leprosy and its effects on the body. Sermon notes for further thought. These can be used as a personal devotional or for a group discussion. Click here for sermon notes.

Jesus Calls All

Mark 1:14-28: Jesus starts his public ministry with a call to all, nabs his 1st followers,  then preaches amazingly while casting out a demon from a heckler. All the info, along with search words, are provided below. The Call is to All (Mark 1:14-28) DISCLAIMER: No claims of absolute originality are made for this material. As one man said, “I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter.” Please use these sermons as the Lord leads…. And now…