Sermons (Page 15)

Sermons (Page 15)

PRAISE GOD SERIES – Praise to the King! Part 1

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…. So wrote Charles Dickens’ in 1859, but he could have been writing about America today. Terrorism, racism, same-sex marriage, rampant abortion, all by-products of one nation NOT under God. What should a Christian do? One thing: Praise Him anyway. Learn why praise is so important and how to do it when you face your own “worst of times.”

Joy in July

Are you a Christian Curmudgeon, a God-Grump or an Evangelical Eeyore? Get over it and get some joy in your life. This short teaching will give you six Scriptural perspectives of what joy is!

The Savior’s Dozen

The most famous dozen in the history of the world were the Master’s Men: 12 ordinary guys who were sent by God himself on an extraordinary mission: to turn the world upside down for Jesus Christ. It was the most successful mission ever planned and carried out. So successful in fact, that if you are a born-again believer in Jesus, it was a result of those guy’s efforts way back then. But who were these men? What were their backgrounds? What…

Trust Your Father and Call 91.1

The worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 in Orlando, Florida, reminds us once again that Americans are not immune to fanatical extremism. Zika virus is the latest threat to our health and the two major Presidential candidates may cause more depression than exhilaration. So what’s a person to do? In a normal life-threatening situation, we are encouraged to call 911. But what about the normal day-to-day worries, troubles, problems, and dangers, real and imagined? What do we do…

The Famous Jesus

There are many beliefs about who Jesus is. Who do you say he is? Are you worshiping the Jesus of the Bible or a figment of your imagination, someone you’ve conjured up who doesn’t even exist? What do I mean by that? I guess you’ll have to listen.

The Greatest Memorial

The greatest memorial Christians participate in on a regular basis is Communion or The Lord’s Supper. It’s easy to forget why we do things, and sometimes shrug it off by saying something like, “That’s the way it’s always been done,” as if that’s a suitable reason for doing anything. Tradition, can, at times, get in the way of the original intention of a ritual, so I would like to refresh our memories on what our weekly “ritual” of taking Communion…

What’s the Sabbath All About – Part 1

Many Christians are confused about the Sabbath. What is it? Who is it for? Should Christians observe the Sabbath? The religious leaders of Jesus’ time had it all wrong, and it is not too great an exaggeration to say that most Christians get it wrong to. Find out what the Sabbath is all about in this short, informative teaching.”