Sermons from December 2017

Sermons from December 2017

I Resolve 2018, Part 1

Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions that we don’t keep. I want you to consider what resolutions God may want you to make in 2018 so that you can be who he made you to be. These five resolutions are from Colossians 3:1-14 and are guaranteed to revolutionize your walk with Christ.

The Star a Journey of Love

The Bethlehem star points to the brightest love, a love that never gives up, the love that conquered sin and death, the love that surrounds us daily and fills us forever. Perfect love. God’s love embodied. How do you perceive God’s love for you? Do you feel you need to earn it? Do you wonder if God’s love is meant for you? Do you see the overflow of God’s love in your own life toward others? If you struggle with…

The Star a Journey of Peace

During the second week of Advent we celebrate the peace we have in Jesus.There are two types of peace that God provides: Peace with God and the Peace of God. Find out how to obtain both.

The Star a Journey of Hope

During the first week of Advent we celebrate the hope we have in Jesus. When we are faced with hopeless situations, when we feel overwhelmed and overpowered and the odds are stacked against us, we can always hope knowing that that God is by our side.