Sermons from April 2018

Sermons from April 2018

Membership Matters

For some church-goers in 2018, being a member of a church might seem strange and a little too formal. Actually, it’s counter-cultural, even radical to do so. I will give you six reasons why you may want to consider being a member of Community Church of the Hills–or, your own local church for that matter.

One Anothering One Another

“One another” as a direct command is used about 44 times. All the commands are about getting along with one another in the church. Why is it so hard for people to love another as Jesus commanded? Why can’t we all get along? Take a look at our Chinese Menu of “One Anothers” and choose one from Column A, one Column B and one from Column C to start becoming a better “One Another Christian.”

The Crux of Christian Life

To live for Jesus means to die for him. To be a Christian is more than walking an aisle and saying a prayer; it means to carry a cross. But, what does that mean practically in everyday language and everyday living? This teaching will cause you to examine yourself to see that you are really in the faith.

A Time to Die

How would you feel if a good friend you’ve known for three years tells you that he’s going to suffer and die in a little while? That’s how the disciples felt when Jesus revealed his purpose for coming. He also instructed all those who followed him that they, too, must die. What does this all mean?