Sermons from 2018 (Page 3)

Sermons from 2018 (Page 3)

Andricus, Rufus and Us – Everybody Serves

Most people will skip over this section of Scripture because it is just a list of names. Oh! But what a list! These are the Renowned Unknowns, those who helped the Apostle Paul in his ministry efforts, those of whom he was thankful for their help. Their example shows how everybody serves in the kingdom of God, and how everybody is valuable with whatever gift they have. Length 32:15

A Very Good Work

This is a special message that details the history of Community Church of the Hills and how it’s vision and purpose is quite similar to the Philippians, the first church the Apostle Paul founded in Europe. Length 28:26

Different Strokes

It’s easy to think that we have the lock on the truth when we see others serving God in different ways that we may not agree with. The good news is that God is a creative God, and He achieves His purposes through a variety of means, as the disciples found out when they stopped a man from doing ministry just because he wasn’t part of their club. Mark 9:38-41 Length: 30:21

How to Be Great

The hardest thing anyone can do is learn humility. Everyone learns it the hard way. The disciples also got a hard lesson on how important it is to be humble in God’s Kingdom, because that is the only way to be truly great. Mark 9:30-37 Length: 25:48