Sermons from 2018 (Page 6)

Sermons from 2018 (Page 6)

Eight Excuses Part 2

People give at least 8 reasons why they don’t share their faith, but they aren’t real reasons, they are just excuses. Last week, we looked at Excuse #8: “I might get beat up.” And, in light of Scripture that may indeed be true. This week we will look at three more and see how they stand up to what the Bible says: #7: I won’t make any sense! #6: I might be made fun of! #5: I won’t know how…

Eight Excuses Part 1

One of the main fears people have when sharing their faith is that they might get beat up. Scripture affirms this. Still, we are called to share the good news regardless of the cost. Are you willing? This teaching will help you to understand the risks and count the costs before you share your faith that saves people from Hell.

They Were Devoted, Part 2

What set the early church apart from today’s church? What quality of faith did these early believers have that caused them to worship God with awe and wonder? This encouraging teaching will cause you to reevaluate your own walk with God and rejuvenate your faith.

They Were Devoted, Part 1

The early church was wholly devoted to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. How committed are you? How devoted are you to the Lord? In this convicting teaching you will be challenged to see if your commitment to the Lord is truly authentic.