Sermons from July 2021

Sermons from July 2021

Go! & No! (Mark 16:18-20)

“How to Share Your Faith By Asking one 6-Word Question” This makes evangelism soooo easy. This message is in the middle of the disputed text of Mark 16:9-20, “The Longer Ending.” I also explain how compared to other ancient manuscripts, the New Testament is completely reliable.

The Great Omission (Matthew 28:18-20)

THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE I’VE EVER PREACHED. It would take only 33 years to reach the entire world with the gospel if you decided to disciple one person this year. Why do Christians not take Jesus’ command to “make disciples” seriously? Why don’t you?

Can God Bless America? (Nehemiah 8-9)

“CAN GOD BLESS AMERICA?” The classic song, “God Bless America,” first made popular by Kate Smith before WW2, has become a 2nd National Anthem and national prayer. As a country we are in no position at all to be blessed, so this prayerful tune is futile, a sentimental reminder of another time. We’re actually in a better place to be unblessed—cursed, because blessing has always had its conditions, always. Will God bless America? Should God bless America? And if God…