Sermons from August 2021

Sermons from August 2021

We’re All in This Together (Acts 1:12-14)

When you look at the type of men Jesus chose to start his first church, you have to ask yourself “Why them?” Did they have special gifts that the other followers didn’t have? These apostles should give us great hope because they had so little to offer God when Jesus called them. Imagine what God can do with you?

Going and Coming (Luke 24:52; Acts 1:12-14)

Are you full of joy because of what the Savior has done? Does he occupy the majority of your thoughts? It is entirely possible to come to church, hear a message with clear things that God tells us to do or not to do, and leave unchanged, uncommitted and unwilling to do anything we just heard. What can you do to retain your joy and be more obedient to what God commands?

Jesus Bids Adieu (Luke 24:50; Acts 1:6-11)

There is an event that is virtually ignored in churches that should be celebrated: Jesus’ ascension to Heaven. Why? That day marked the completion of his work on earth as a man. Also, another promise was given to his followers as they were tasked with the greatest work in history: to be a witness for him.

Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord (Luke 24:44-46)

The only way you can understand Scripture is when the Holy Spirit opens up our understanding. This is called “Illumination.” Without His help, the Bible is just another book. The main thing He will open our eyes to is the fact that Jesus is in every book of the Bible. What difference does that make?