Can God Bless America? (Nehemiah 8-9)

Can God Bless America? (Nehemiah 8-9)

“CAN GOD BLESS AMERICA?” The classic song, “God Bless America,” first made popular by Kate Smith before WW2, has become a 2nd National Anthem and national prayer.

As a country we are in no position at all to be blessed, so this prayerful tune is futile, a sentimental reminder of another time.

We’re actually in a better place to be unblessed—cursed, because blessing has always had its conditions, always.

Will God bless America? Should God bless America? And if God did bless America, what would He be saying about His holiness? If God did bless America, what would He be saying about our morality? About our spiritual condition? Could God bless America and protect His reputation as holy God?

Based on Nehemiah 8 & 9, this teaching, abridged, edited, and re-written from Pastor John MacArthur’s 2003 sermon of the same name details the conditions that need to be met in order to be blessed as a nation.


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