I Will Not Neglect Your Word (Psalm 119:1-16)

I Will Not Neglect Your Word (Psalm 119:1-16)

In the State of Bible 2020 report they found that

  • A majority of people think that our country would be worse off if people didn’t read the Bible
  • A majority said that it contains everything we need to live a meaningful life
  • We would know God’s will
  • It will bring us closer to Him.

That sounds like a cure-all, a miracle drug that will solve every problem, right? You’d think that a huge majority reads it regularly then? Wrong.

When asked, “How often do you use the Bible on your own?” 9% read it everyday and only 3% read it 3 to 4 times a week. This message is meant to encourage you to resolve to read your Bible every day in 2021.


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