Singles: How to Avoid Marrying Satan

Singles: How to Avoid Marrying Satan

The most important decision you will make in your life (apart from your decision to follow Jesus Christ), will be your choice of a spouse.

You probably already know the statistics: Close to 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. If you have determined that you don’t have the ability to stay single & celibate the rest of your life, then you will want to make the wisest choice possible in the selection of your wife or husband.

Some of you have been married before and want to do it right next time. Others have been in absolutely horrible relationships in the past and you’re afraid you’ll get burned. Still, others are fearful that you’ll make the wrong choice again.

Well, if you listen to this teaching carefully, take notes and put into practice what you hear then I will show you how to avoid marrying Satan.